GHA Back to School clothing outreach for at-risk youths

AriSe Prophetic Conference

Workshop for Survivors of Domestic Violence & Traumatic Experiences

October is Mental Health Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Uninterrupted Life Workshop is one of many advocacy events hosted by Generation Health Alliance Foundation, Inc.

This workshop will empower and educate survivors to conquer self-doubt, learn coping strategies from licensed counseling professionals, and which will enable participants to express their thoughts and feelings with the intentions of diminishing self-hate and self-blame in order to promote self-love.


Rediscovher Weekend Getaway

DeKalb County Youth Employment 

End of the Year Celebration


Fourth Ward Community Health Fair

As Director of Outreach and Evangelism, I directed the coordination of the 2018 Community Health Fair which was the first time this type of event was held at the historic Baptist Church!

Fulton County Board of HealthHigh Impact HIV Prevention Program (HIPP)

Cancer Prevention & Awareness Information


free items and resources

Journey's After School Mentorship Program

Partner with Minister Diahann on community outreach projects. Sponsorship opportunities are available if you would like  to donate items, money, or your time to volunteer during clothing drives and distributions, community health fairs, workshops, free or paid training events, symposiums, and more.  Visit my event page for some previews of past events. All procedures go towards outreach efforts to change lives around the world.  Thank you!

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